About Us Diplomatic/Official/Laissez-Passers Passport Holders

The Embassy of India in Washington DC and the Consulates General at Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, New York and San Francisco WILL CONTINUE TO RECEIVE AND SERVICE DIPLOMATIC, OFFICIAL AND LAISSEZ-PASSER PASSPORTS.

 The visa would normally be issued within a week. In case there are additional requirements the applicant will be contacted by phone/e-mail. All applicants are requested to upload their filled in application forms and photographs(max of 22KB) online at <Link>. All applicants should deposit the application form(in person OR by post/courier)  along with all the relevant documents mentioned below to the attention of Visa Section, Consulate General of India - San Francisco 540 Arguello Blvd., San Francisco, CA 94118.

Official/Diplomatic/Laissez-Passer passport holders also need to attach the following:

  1. Please fill out the following FORM.This Application Form is to be used by Official/Diplomatic/UN LP Passport holders only. It will not be accepted at the Outsourcing Agency. All applications should be deposited/send at the Consulate General of India - San Francisco office in the address given above.
  2. Note Verbale Letter from Department of State or any concerned Federal Government Departments.
  3. Fill and attach the Additional information form  and Traveler details Form 
  4. Fill and attach the following form 
  5. Letter of invitation from Indian agencies in case of bilateral visits
  6. A trackable pre-paid return mailing envelope (USPS 'Express Mail' etc.) if applied by Post/courier to return the Passports back to the applicant(s).