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Tender for Alta Survey of Gadar Memorial Located at 5 Wood Street, San Francisco, CA 94118

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Sealed tenders in the form of two bid systems (Technical and financial), are invited by Consulate General of India, San Francisco from reputed companies for an ALTA survey on Consulate’s property namely Gadar Memorial located at 5 wood Street, San Francisco, CA 94118.

The tender should be submitted in prescribed format as laid down in the tender document. The tender documents duly filled in and complete in all respect should be addressed to the Head of Chancery, 540, Arguello Boulevard, San Francisco, CA 94118 and are to be submitted offline only before 1600 hrs of 20 August 2021. The tenders thus received will be opened at 1500 hrs on 23 August 2021. Tenderers or their representatives, who wish to be present during the tender opening, may do so. Tender document can be obtained from the Vice Consul (Accounts), CGI, San Francisco (accts.sf.mea@mea.gov.in) on any working day between 1100 hrs to 1600 hrs from 10-20 August 2021.

Alternatively, the tender document can be downloaded from the CGI, San Francisco website (www.cgisf.gov.in ) and from the Central Public Procurement Portal (CPPP) of Govt. of India at https://eprocure.gov.in/epublish/app and https://eprocure.gov.in/cppp/ .



  1. Instruction to Bidders

Consulate General of India, San Francisco invites tender for ALTA survey on our property namely Gadar Memorial located at 5 wood Street, San Francisco, CA 94118.

The details of terms and conditions, schedule of work/ Specifications and format for technical and financial bid are available in the tender document. The bidders are instructed to go through Tender form thoroughly before quoting their rates. The tender documents can be obtained from VC(Admin), CGI San Francisco (accts.sf.mea@mea.gov.in). Alternatively the tender document can be downloaded from CGI, San Francisco website i.e. www.cgisf.gov.in or from the Central Public Procurement Portal (CPPP) of Govt. of India at https://eprocure.gov.in/epublish/app  and https://eprocure.gov.in/cppp.

1.1. The tender is liable to be ignored if complete information is not given therein.

  1. 2. All bidders and/or their representatives, if they so desire, may be present at the opening of the tender by the constituted Committee at the time and date as specified in the schedule. It may be noted that under no circumstances tender received late shall be entertained.

1.3 Bidders are requested to submit their quotations/rates on one time basis (kindly refer to Annexure-II).

1.4 Price quoted should be in US$ and should be inclusive of all charges excluding tax. In no case any enhancement in approved rate will be entertained by the Consulate during the currency period of contract. Tenders not complete in this respect are liable to be ignored. The quotations shall be furnished in two covers i.e. technical bids should be sealed in a separate cover while financial bids be sealed in other over and super scribed as tender “Tender for ALTA survey of Gadar Memorial". Two separate covers will be sealed in the following manner:

(i) One cover containing the technical documents (i.e. Annexure-I duly filled in) includes documentary proof etc. (Technical bid)

(ii) Second cover containing the Rates (i.e. Annexure-II dully filled in) of this offer. (Financial bid)

1.6 The agency, while submitting their tender form, shall enclose self-attested photocopies of Registration, surveying license and experiences essential for carrying out the activities under reference, and any other documents in support of permission from the Competent Authority for carrying out the activities under reference. Tender form incomplete in any respect and not supported with such requisite documents, will be rejected by this Consulate.


  1. Conditions of Contract

2.1 The contract, if awarded, from the date of award and extendable for further period subject to continuous satisfactory performance. However, on failure on this aspect by the service provider, the Consulate will have the right to terminate the contract forthwith.

2.2 The service provider shall not sublet, transfer or assign the contract or any part thereof. In the event of the service provider contravening this condition, the firm can be blacklisted by this Consulate.

2.3 The Consulate may at any time, by notice in writing, summarily terminate the contract without compensation to the survey company in any form in case it is felt by this Consulate that the Bidder’s work has not been satisfactory or in any other event where the firm is facing some legal problems which may affect their performance working in this Consulate. The decision of this Consulate shall be final in this regard.

2.4 In the event of any dispute or difference relating to the interpretation and application of the provisions of the contracts, such dispute or difference shall be referred by either party to the Arbitration.

2.5 The Competent Authority reserves the right to reject any or all tender without assigning any reason whatsoever.

2.6 After evaluation of the technical bids, the financial bids of only the technically qualified bidders shall be opened for arriving at L-1 bidder.

2.7 In case of failure of the service provider/firm to comply with the provision of the terms and conditions mentioned in this Tender Document or the Agreement to be signed between Consulate and the Successful Bidder, the Competent Authority of this Consulate reserves the right to terminate the contract & to blacklist the firm.

2.8 The agency shall be responsible for the specified ALTA survey of Consulate’s property namely Gadar Memorial located at 5 wood Street, San Francisco, CA 94118.

2.9 The Survey Company / agency will be responsible for compliance of all laws, acts and rules made there under, statutory orders issued from time to time in relation to the environment and man-power deployed by them for performance of the job under reference and the Consulate will have a right to be indemnified in respect of any consequences resulting from any breach or violation by the Survey Company of such rules, statutory obligations etc.

2.11 In the event of any violation of laws, rules, statutory provision by the Survey Company, this will amount to breach of contract and in such case, the Consulate will have the right for terminating the contract, forthwith, without giving any notice or assigning any reason.

2.12 This Consulate reserves the right to terminate this contract in any eventuality, without any notice and without explaining any reasons to the Survey Company. The Survey Company shall not have claim for any compensation in such event of discontinuation of the Contract.


  1. Eligibility Criteria

3.1 The bidder should be a company/firm duly registered with the concerned authorities in San Francisco. It should have a permanent place of business in San Francisco and Bay Area. The complete Postal Address, Telephone / Mobile / Fax / E-mail address, etc. should be provided, while submitting the completed tender form.

3.3 The Survey Company should have relevant license, registration etc. for the purpose of taking up the surveying work in San Francisco (Copies to be enclosed).

3.6 Experience in having successfully completed similar works during the last 3 years

Selection Criteria:-

The firm which quotes the lowest overall rate (including taxes etc) shall be awarded the contract. In case 2 firms quotes the same rate, the firm which has got more experience in the relevant field shall be awarded the contract. The decision of the Tender Committee in this regard shall be final in this regard.


  1. Specification and allied technical details

4.1 Scope of Work:

The company will execute the work i.e “ALTA survey on Consulate’s property namely Gadar Memorial located at 5 wood Street, San Francisco, CA 94118”. The ALTA survey includes property boundaries, lot lines, topography, utilities and prominent trees at the site. A copy of the Grant Deed of the mentioned property is enclosed herewith (Annexure-C).


  1. Price Schedule

5.1 The Bidder(s) shall quote price in clear terms. Break up should abide by the Format for Financial Bid described in Financial Bid format in Annexure-II. The taxes applicable should be shown separately and clearly. Any change in taxes or levies made by the Consulate after finalization of Tender will be applicable at the time of billing. The Financial Bids should strictly conform prescribed Financial bid format to enable evaluation of bids. Bids having any hidden costs or conditional costs are liable to be rejected.

5.2 Prices quoted by the Bidder shall be fixed and no variation will be allowed under any circumstances except that of change in tax rates.

5.3 Prices shall be quoted in US Dollar.

5.4 Payment: The service provider will be required to submit their invoice along with survey report duly signed by authorized person. The payment will be released by the Consulate by cheque as per the terms & conditions.

5.5 The rates once accepted by Consulate shall remain unaltered throughout the period of contract.

5.6 The bidders will quote the rates in respect of work described above and will fill Annexure-II appended herewith.

  1. Important schedules and dates are enumerated below:-
  1. Last date for submission of bids: 20 August 2021 by 1600 hrs.
  2. Date of opening of bids: 23 August 2021 at 1500 hrs.

(Bidders or their representatives may wish to be present)


  1. Venue for opening of bids: Consulate General of India, 540 Arguello Blvd, San Francisco, California - 94118



  1. Bids may be submitted physically or postal mail at following address: Head of Chancery, Consulate General of India, 540 Arguello Blvd, San Francisco, California - 94118.



  1. For clarifications/ queries, if any prior to submission of bid, prospective bidders may contact Vice Consul (Accounts) at accts.sf.mea@mea.gov.in or through telephone 415-668-0683 (Extn.-183) during office hours from 8:45 AM to 5:15 PM on working days.


(Yusuf Jamal)

Vice Consul

9th August 2021










  1. Name of the firm

2 a. Full Postal Address of office

  1. Mobile Phone No.
  2. Telephone No.
  3. Fax No.
  4. Date of Establishment of Firm
  5. Name of the Contract person to whom all reference shall be made regarding this tender
  6. Service Tax details
  7. License/Registration.
  8. Experience as required in the Tender Document (proof to be enclosed)
  9. Any other information which you consider necessary to furnish


  1. a) I, the undersigned certify that I have gone through the terms and condition mentioned in the tender document and undertake to comply with them.
  2. b) The rates quoted by me are valid and binding upon me for the entire period contract
  3. c) I hereby had undertaken to render the service as per direction given in the tender document

Date: - Signature of the Bidder: -

Place: - Full Name: -

Designation: -

(Office seal of the Bidder)











The tender should quote rates, which shall be inclusive of all charges.

  1. Detail of scope of work


  1. Price for work (in US$)


  1. Service charge of the firm, if any



Signature and Seal of the bidder/Survey Company