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Calendar of Know India Programme 2018-19

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The Know India Programme of the Ministry of External Affairs is a three-week orientation programme for Indian diaspora youth (18-30 years; excluding NRIs) conducted with a view to promote awareness on different facets of life in India and the progress made by the country in various fields e.g. economic, industrial, education, science & technology, communication & information Technology, culture. KIP provide a unique forum for students & young professionals of Indian origin to visit India, share their views, expectations & experiences and to develop closer bonds with the contemporary India.

????????? The portal?www.kip.gov.in?enables Indian-origin youth to apply online?for KIP programmes. The Ministry will examine applications recommended by ?Embassies/Consulates and select?the final list of candidates who are?eligible?to participate in KIPs. This year i.e. in 2018-19, we will organise six KIPs with participation of 40 overseas Indians in each programme.

Calendar of Know India Programme 2018-19



Partner States

47 KIP

25th Sep - 19th Oct 2018

Tamil Nadu

48 KIP

25th Oct - 18th Nov 2018

Manipur & Mizoram

49 KIP

20th Nov 2018 - 14th Dec 2018

Andhra Pradesh

50 KIP

15th Dec 2018 - 08th Jan 2019

Maharashtra and Daman &


51 KIP

05th Jan - 29th Jan 2019


52 KIP

16th Jan - 09th Feb 2019

Jharkhand & Bihar

The last date of submission and registration for 49th?and 50th?edition of KIP is October, 15, 2018.?
For more details please? see?https://kip.gov.in/?and?https://kip.gov.in/home/guidelines.?????