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In the gracious presence of Brahmasri @SriSamavedam who authored beautiful and deeply philosophical ‘Sivapadams’, the Bay Area dancers presented ‘Sivapadams’ in India classical dance forms. His knowledge and authority on ancient scriptures is highly admirable. The large gathering which attended have applauded the narration by @SriSamavedam of each of the ‘Sivapadam’. Consul General Dr. T.V. Nagendra Prasad appreciated Gurus, Parents, Youth and Children in #SiliconValley for actively encouraging and pursuing Indian classical dance forms. He particularly appreciated the effort of Ms. Vani and Mr. Ravishankar Gundlapalli for coordinating to put up ‘Sivadams’ in all Indian classical dance forms. He also recalled their tour of India performing at temples in Tamilnadu and Varanasi with a group of about 70 dance gurus and dancers. It was diverse dance forms presenting one Theme ‘Sivapadam’ representing India’s ‘Unity in Diversity’ in all aspects of life.

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