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Consul General (CG), Dr.K.Srikar Reddy, was the keynote speaker at the ‘India/US Climate Agenda Session’ at the 17th Annual VerdeXchange VX2024 Marketmakers' Conference held at Omni Hotel, Los Angeles on May 13, 2024. The Panel was moderated by Mr.Gunjan Bagla, CEO, Amritt Inc. and included distinguished panelists Mr.Siva Gunda, Vice Chair, California Energy Commission, Mr.Paul Rosen, Project Scientist, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and Mr.Anil Tammineedi, Partner, Angeleno Group. CG highlighted the recent measures taken by India to achieve net zero emissions by 2070, including India’s ambitious renewable energy program and investment opportunities in the clean economy. The panelists underscored the tremendous potential for collaboration in clean technologies between India and the US.

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Events/Photo Gallery