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Miscellaneous commercial information :

Satellite telephone services (including Thuraya, Irridium, Immarsat Satphone services) are not permitted in India.  Satellite phones can be imported and used in India only with prior permission and licencse from Department of Telecommunications (DOT).  Any satellite phones brought in baggage/hand baggage into India without licence by the DOT will be detained/confiscated.

"Under the new Foreign Trade Policy 2009-14 announced in August 2009 by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry of India, it has been decided to extend the following facility to exporters :

For the purpose of Export Promotion Scheme and Incentive Schemes under FTP (Foreign Trade Policy), realization of export proceeds shall not be insisted if RBI (Reserve Bank of India) writes off the requirement of realization of export proceeds (not under self-write off clause) and the exporter also produces a certificate from the Foreign Mission of India about the fact of non-recovery of export proceeds from the foreign buyer."